Why options can often be a better option for some

By Louise Goodwin

31 March 2010

Smart investing doesn’t have to involve big spending and  risks, says Wai-Yee Chen.

Chen – head of Asian Derivatives Desk at RBS Morgans, Sky Business reporter, author of OptionsWise how to invest sensibly and mother of three – says investing should be considered a lifestyle choice.

“People think investing is about being exposed to the ups-and-downs, which can be the case when you buy direct shares,”Chen of Wahroonga says in her book.

“But it can also be a consistent, stable part of life if you take a sensible approach to money management.”

The rest of the article can be found at this link http://www.optionswise.com.au/articles/NorthShoreTimes31Mar2010.pdf


Traders switch focus from big miners to banks

Australian Financial Review 16 Mar 2010, Derivatives

By John Wasiliev

RBS Morgans derivatives adviser Wai-Yee Chen said traders had been selling April expiry $27 National puts and picking up premium income of 70c per option.

With the National price trading just below $27 yesterday, their strategy is designed either to buy National shares for $27 discounted to $26.30 if the share expires below $27 or if the shares are above $27 at the April options expiry and their contracts are not exercised, they would end up with the income, which would be a return of 2.6 percent over the seven-week period.