Advanced Options Course

A couple of clients have asked recently if I could conduct an Advanced Options course.

So, here it is.

This will be a 3 hour course, for those who are familiar with the market and have basic knowledge of options

Charts, trading styles, real stocks with options strategies.

Come, contribute, learn and connect with other traders.

11 May 2012



Sydney CBD


If you are interested, email me at

small class size. 3 more spaces.


Are YOU jeopardising your investments?

Join me if you are interested in the topic

Tuesday 27 Mar 6pm

CPA Office

111 Harrington Street Sydney


CPA Women in Business Discussion Group will meet on 27th of March with Wai-Yee Chen on “Are you jeopardising your investments?” Wai-Yee is an author, TV commentator and Adviser in the area of investments.

In this session, Wai-Yee will help you manoeuvre the current investment climate, not just with information or advice, but by making you aware of who you are, for better investments returns.

Wai-Yee’s experience is gained from her time in the share market investing and advising clients in shares and derivatives in the last 14 years. Through observations of her clients with diversed personalities, she finds its not just techniques and knowledge that generate greater investment returns. Human behaviour and inherent personality of each individuals, play as much a role, if not more, in influencing investment returns.

To get the most from this session, attendees are advised to take a quick 5 minute questionnaire at  and come with a printout of the results.

Creating profits with options from a flat market

Thurs. Mar. 22 2012 | 2:13 PM[05:13]
Chen Wai-Yee, Head of Derivatives, Asian Desk Sydney, RBS Morgans urges investors to create a trading range for the ASX 200 since the index has been flat for some time
Options Strategy:
Sell 19Apr 4350 calls and
Sell 19Apr 4150 put
for combined 57 points of $570 per contract
Margins/deposits with Australian Clearing House around $2500 per contract.
Margins can be met with cash in bank or value of top 100 shares in portfolio.
No protection but has inherent hedging
Breakeven levels:
market breaks up: 4350 + 57 = around 4400
market breaks down 4150 – 57 = around 4100