WES…time to short?

There’s a potential trade in WES.

If you share the following view:

i. WES likely to fall from around this level ($32.55) on 1 Aug 2012 time of writing

ii. Not likely to fall below $29.50 to Oct (quite a lot of support from $29 to $29.50 on the stock, see chart)

 I. Options trade to take advantage of potential fall:

 1 Buy Oct $3000 put and

2 sell Oct $2951 put

Costs and max loss is 10c per contract

 If WES falls to about $30,

This spread is likely to generate a 100% return, making it about 20c gain per contract

 Max gain possible tough is 40c. Capped, no matter how much WES falls

II. to buy WES

For those who wish to pick up WES at around $29.50 in Oct though, say 2000 underlying shares, spend $200 on this trade now for the potential to pick up shares later, plus potentially 40c profit at the time of buying


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