Learning to See Data 

New York Times

“It’s about frameworks of recognition; how you choose to look, rather than what you’re trying to see. “

How do we make sense of a large amount of data – quickly?

How do we decipher news and constantly changing updates of information – sensibly?

It’s not about using algo or more powerful computer, it’s about – training our perceptive brain, virtual thinking, learning to read large amount of data instinctually.

Doctors are trained to do so as well. 




The Power Of Because

93% agreed to let someone else jump queue just because they said “because” though the reason did not make sense – Ellen Langer photocopier study

Why do We Act Irrationally? May it’s because of “because…” 

It’s why we find it hard to trust our gut as well. Often there’s no because, it’s just is.