What do readers say?

17 Oct 2010
I guess the co-incidences came in that much of the theory Nassim (Taleb of ‘Fooled by Randomness’ and ‘The Black Swan’) presents in his books are put to practice by the strategies in your book. M M

4 June 2010
Dear Wai-Yee, I recently purchased your book and have started reading it. I wanted to tell you that I find your explanations very clear and informative, much to my relief as a true beginner in options. I fit the “Dr Alfred” in your book. Thank you for demystifying the subject. I also wanted to tell you what a nice surprise your personal note on the front page was for me. With best wishes to you and your family. L C

18 May 2010
Hi, I have bought your book and think it is excellent. J B

11 May 2010
My first reading really convince me that your book is very practical and the
strategies are clearly explained — also with several alternative
strategies in case initial set-up goes wrong. P

8 May 2010
My congratulations on such a brilliant compilation. I have struggled so much
with the concept of options, but your book gets to the essence of what
options are all about, without the convoluted mumbo-jumbo that so many
writers use to make themselves feel important. Brilliant, brilliant,
brilliant. R K