BFM Radio Interview

CNBC Interview

NeuroInvesting follows on the heels of OptionsWise.  Having known the techniques, I come to realise they are not enough! Cognition alone does not satisfy and sufficiently get me to my quest…for consistent returns.

As I search, I got more. I realise that as one evolves as a human being, one gets better at adjusting to the role of money in one’s life. One is more at ease, less anxious and “roll with the dice”. One might think that is risky, but it’s by allowing the flow of life to play a part in how we manage, view and value money, that’s when consistency is achieved, without strive.

Many investors, in their professional capacities and successful at their roles, rely solely on cognition, a tool they have honed and learnt to trust. When it comes to the “flow of life” though, going with our intuition, paying attention to our emotions, not ignoring the messages our bodies send us, drive many out of their comfort zone. This is what NeuroInvesting is about.

It’s about knowing yourself, discovering how you think and why you think the way you do, the persona you are and confronting your personal beliefs and assumptions, some of which have existed your whole life. Dismantling one may mean deconstructing another and the domino effect that it has, opens you up to new pathways.

This domino effect is exactly what has been happening to me as I breakdown my fears, my beliefs and the assumptions that I have held on to, to no benefits if not destructive financial results.

NeuroInvesting brings these issues to the fore, allowing you to face and deal with them. These techniques are in the book. You will find, as you evolve as a person, you invest better, more at ease and true to who you are.



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