The Power Of Because

93% agreed to let someone else jump queue just because they said “because” though the reason did not make sense – Ellen Langer photocopier study

Why do We Act Irrationally? May it’s because of “because…” 

It’s why we find it hard to trust our gut as well. Often there’s no because, it’s just is.


Growth mindset is a must!

If investment markets are changing and dynamic, how can we then as investors be fixed in our thinking? We need to be biased towards growth in our abilities and our approach to investing (actually, in all areas of life)

Great article. Carol Dweck has done a lot if work in this area.

Are creatures better than us in computation?

A number of recent news stories have had a similar kind of message: animals viscerally understand certain mathematical operations better than humans do. Such stories are always interesting in a Sunday-newspaper sort of way, but do the abilities of animals to calculate really exceed those of humans? It may help to examine some of these claims.

Lessons for us:
– Creatures learn and apply.The don’t agonise and get confused.
– Creatures don’t use algorithms or keep spreadsheets. They come up with the best estimates.

Takeaway: the innate instinct that we share with creatures can help us make better snap judgements!