Understanding the neurological and psychological process in making decisions in trading and investing.

Mrs. Chen will discuss about her book NeuroInvesting to explain how investors can use their emotions to trade better. She will explain through neuroscience how successful investors think different. Also explain that investors can change the way they think in order to change the way they invest.

How to deal with fear and greed in trading through neuroplasticity

Mrs. Chen will discuss certain aspects of fear and greed as discussed in her book NeuroInvesting. She will neuroscientifically explain the tension of fear and impulsiveness, and how to cope with these issues.

What are emotions? How does our brain process it? Does it create emotions or do we merely feel it?

Does removing emotions from our cognitive analysis remove biases and our tendencies towards impulsive decisions and lead us towards better quality decisions?

Can we and how do we have a comeback after losses?

Whether its a locking in of or the suffering from losses, they often leave us with a stink. Often its the emotional impact of anger or a sense of defeat and a loss of confidence. What sets a successful trader apart, is not how one wins. Consistent winning comes only from a trader moving forward after losses, of which is an inevitable in trading. How we think determines how we win. How we win depends on how we plot our comeback post losses. In this session, we will explore how neuroscience helps us rewire our brain for a comeback.

Understand the brain’s unique Big Five influences to achieve sharemarket success.

“Learning Curve” Interview of Dr Roger Sexton, Chairman of Beston Foods


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