Our Universal Emotions and its Cycle

Are these emotions familiar to you – Happy, Shock, Afraid, Angry, Sad or Disdain?  Have you felt any of these 6 today? How many times have you felt at least one of the 6 today?

If you do, then you are officially HUMAN!

Scientists tell us that if we breathe, live and hence have feelings, then they could break all of our emotions down to just 6 that are universal. One that are felt by all; no matter, color, culture, education, country, race, language, wealth etc. felt at any one time or another.

Can you picture these 6 emotions that you can’t run away from?

The 6 faces below can help. It gives you a picture of these 6 emotions that are universally felt. One that you have seen in those close to you, those you don’t know and that of your own in the mirror or photos.

universal emotions

(the last face you see on the left bottom corner is that of Paul Ekman, the psychologist behind the study of these faces)

Do you think these emotions are confined to daily living and relationships?

There is more.

Beyond feeling them, there are cycle of emotions we go through.

Below is one where an event shocks us so much that we go into a cycle of denial and then despair. Perhaps anger, disdain, afraid all thrown in the ring. We bargain with the situation and perhaps even with a higher power, “Why me?” “Why am I in this situation?” We sink into depression. Below is a model by Kubler-Ross. A cycle of denial, before recovery arrives.

cycle of emotions

There are two issues here:

1. Do we think this Cycle of Emotions is confined to love and life? Or does it happen to us as well when we trade or think we are investing (for the long term) or are taking risks with our money?

2. Are we able to get out of this cycle of denial and depression?

Firstly, the answer to Q1.

See diagram below.

cycle of emotions price chart 2

Doesn’t the blue price chart above look just like the chart of the Cycle of Emotions diagram (on the top right) depicted by psychologists?

It belonged to a currency pair during the second week of July, when the Greek Drama was slowly unfolding and as it took different turns and twists. However, it could have easily been that of any other underlying investments.

Money, trading and even if you think you are investing for the long term and are not greedy and are merely looking for some reasonable returns from your money; the reality is, you are swept into the cycle; whether you like it or not, want to or not. You are in; just because you are human, with emotions and money (to be made and spent).

So, the answer to Q2 then becomes so important to us all, doesn’t it? Not just as traders, but as humans who can’t escape from feeling emotions and the circle of money.

What do we do?

What we will do during the period in the green circle in the diagram above is the key. We know we can’t remain there, yet not know how to get out of it…

I very much want to get you out of the depth of this cycle of emotions and move with you up the curve to acceptance and recovery, right here, right now. But I would like you to think about your own cycle of emotions for a couple of days and I shall see you on Monday night Sydney time (9pm)  to explain to you at a webinar what we shall do.

20th July Monday 9pm Sydney. Register below. See you there.